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Frequently asked questions

What is the concept of Business Over Borders?

Working and relaxing in a like-minded small community for one or two weeks. Inspire each other and get inspired. Due to the maximum amount of 10 participants, synergies among the BOB’s participants will be created.

Who is a typical Business Over Borders participant?

When you can take your work away from your normal work location, you are ready. Let this house be a trigger escape of your daily routine. Entrepreneur, freelancer, digital nomad, photographer, marketeer, designer, developer, communication specialist, ….

Whatever profession you have, if you are a self-employed, you can join the house.

Business Over Borders participants are passionate about their work, and are in for one week of working (stay productive and achieve your goals) and one week of fun (switch off whenever you want)! You decide when and how long you work.

All applications are considered with care, as we want to offer a complementary group.

Before the start of your BOB experience, you will get an overview of the other participants (as they introduce themselves).

Do I have to be a digital nomad?

What’s in a name anyway? So no, Business Over Borders wants to trigger everyone who can work remotely for a short or longer period of time. Even if you are planning to participate in a co-working / co-living house for only 1 week a year, that’s perfect! If you already are an experienced slow-traveller while working? Also perfect! We would love you to try this way of working and living.

Work and vacation? How does that differs from a normal holiday?

This week allows you to work and play whenever you want. Stay connected with your work in the morning, but connect with yourself, the sea and/or other people in the afternoon. Or vice versa! Be aware that a vacation work schedule is needed to obtain your timings, your deadlines and to achieve your goals. So plan your work but enjoy yourself during the rest of the day. On your tempo.

How is the community culture?

Be open for exploring, creating and sharing work and life experiences

  • Be open minded to all cultures, nationalities and professions.
  • Be ready to actually work at the house
  • Have respect for each other work/life schedule
  • Be adventurous
  • No ‘MUST’, only ‘NICE TO HAVES’.

An amazing and humble tribe is waiting for you in the house!

How is the house?

Our house is located in a cosy village between the sea and the countryside. You can go surfing, swimming, hiking, biking or canyoning to discover the area at your own pace.

As we understand that private and co-working time is necessary, the house provides the possibility to work together in a large cozy outdoor terrace, but if you need to make some private calls for instance, then it’s possible to choose your private work spot.

  • Large terrace and garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Laundry facilities
  • Private rooms with shared bathroom
  • Private rooms with private bathrooms
  • Group and individual work spaces
  • BBQ-facilities
  • Parking lot
  • Inspirational settings

What is included?

You just need to bring your laptop and we take care of the rest. The house accommodates everything you need to focus and to relax: comfortable beds, nice & healthy food, Internet, big garden, swimming pool, relaxing settings, fireplace,…

How is the wifi?

We put everything in place to make sure that there is internet and foresee a backup system via Mobile data use. However, the speed could be lower than you are used to.

How is the food arranged?

Your stay includes breakfast and lunch and 1 dinner. But you don’t need to set your alarm to get at the breakfast buffet in time. Do everything on your time: take what you want out of the shared fridge and sit and enjoy your morning food wherever you want. We provide daily fresh fruit, cereals, milk, jam, bread, fresh coffee/tea, yoghurt, …. veggie and/or gluten free food is of course possible. Evelien and Emma will provide fresh breakfast and lunch every day, but again, you are your own waiter and cleaner. One evening we will head into the city center.

Are the co-founders in the house?

Yes, Evelien & Emma love this way of living, so they are there together with you. They see themselves as members of the Business Over Borders community.

Do I get stuck on a schedule?

No, you own your day. Work 24/24 or divide your day in working and leisure time (with other BOB participants). You are free to do whatever you want and when you want it.

Although, go for the full engagement to the group talks and discussions, as this will be a big added value to your trip.

Inspirational workshop, what do you mean?

During the week we all live, work and sleep in the same house. This will help us to inspire each other by sharing our stories and experiences. Sometimes we will get the group together during our morning coffee to talk around a theme that can help you and your business. If you rather work or go outside, feel free to do so. The inspirational workshop is optional, but go for a full engagement, as it might be helpful to learn from each other.

BOB supports networking with other local entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Let’s invite them for a drink or dinner to join us: get inspired, learn, network, …  and just get to know people from all over the world.

Can I come with my business partner?

For sure! Why not bring your business partner over and work on your business/marketing plan, operational work or have a brainstorm … in the house? You will get some work done, but from a way cooler place than your (home)office!

Can I come over just to get some work done?

No, we are a co-working / co- living house, not just a co-working space. We have a policy: work at Business Over Borders AND sleep at Business Over Borders. This way, we create a passionated and synergetic global community.

Can I invoice this trip?

Yes, you can. No tax is added on the price and your accommodation cost can be invoiced.

Do I share my toilet/bathroom?

We offer both options, that’s why there is a price difference in the available tickets. So pick whatever you want. And remember, your roommate could be your next business partner.

What do I have to pack?

Your ‘I’m-on-vacation-clothes’ because this week you will only have telecom-meetings!

How many people are joining this week?

We want to have one community of like-minded people during each week, so we consistently keep the group small (max. 10 persons). This way, the group doesn’t get divided in smaller groups and collaborations among the group are stimulated. So yes, places are limited.

What is the overnight stay in the wilderness?

Nature brings you new ideas, especially during the night. We offer an optional hike with a camping stay in the mountains. We will make our own fire, food and we’ll learn some basic techniques. Let go of your work and thoughts, and just experience! Next morning we will hike back so you have the afternoon to yourself.

What has the outdoors to offer?

Surf, hike, motorbike tours, canyoning, climbing, via ferrata, … there is a wide variety of possibilities and we will help you to get in contact with the best instructors.

Can I dive into the regional culture?

Working abroad (even if it is temporary) gives you the opportunity to discover the culture, meet locals, dance on traditional music, have amazing food experiences, meet local entrepreneurs, discover local craft shops,… We would love to help you to explore the region.

Where do I park my plane?

BOB’s place is located max. 1,5h drive from an international airport. Check ‘When & Where’ page for more information about the closest airport.

Do I need a car to get around?

As soon as your application is completed, you will get an email with directions to the house. Just tell us wether you will drive, take a bus, take a train or hitchhike to BOB’s Place. Since we like the outdoors so much, we will always be close but never really in a city, therefor renting a car would be appropriate. Or you can share a car with other BOB participants. We can provide you with cheap and reliable car rental information.

What are the advantages of this co-working tribe week?

Do we have to explain this? It is fun to get away from your daily routine and location and work together with other like-minded people. Change your routine, by changing your office and your bed. It will really pay off.

—> working among like-minded people will inspire you more than you can imagine <—

Are there other co-working/co-living locations by Business Over Borders?

Yes! We are working on other locations for Business Over Borders. Stay tuned and leave your data not to miss out. CU @ BOB’s Place!



Any questions? Feel free to ask! Or just contact us on Facebook.

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