Rooms & pricing

Prices & availability

Available tickets Portugal 2019 – only 1 spot left!


This room offers 2 separate beds OR 1 double king size bed (indicate your choice during your registration).

Price: 695 euro: 1 spot left!

early bird ticket: SOLD OUT

the price mentioned above is for one person – VAT not included

invoicing possible


This room offers more privacy with 1 bed just for you.
Private bathroom.

Price: 975 euro:  SOLD OUT

early bird ticket: SOLD OUT

the price mentioned above is for one person – VAT not included

invoicing possible


Share your room with other (max. 4.) people. Get to know each other!
Shared bathroom.

Price: 545 euro:  1 spot left!

no early bird ticket available

the price mentioned above is for one person – VAT not included

invoicing possible

About the house

Friends of BOB

BOB's Place

Our house is located in a cosy village between the sea and the countryside. You can go surfing, swimming, hiking, biking or canyoning to discover the area at your own pace.

The crib

As we understand that private and co-working time is necessary, the house provides the possibility to work together in a large cozy outdoor terrace, but if you need to make some private calls for instance, then it’s possible to choose your private work spot.


Large terrace and garden, swimming pool, fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, private rooms with shared bathroom, private rooms with private bathroom, group and individual work spaces, BBQ-facilities, parking lot, ...

What’s included


  • 8 days / 7 nights in our co-working/co-living house
  • 24h Internet
  • Welcome drink
  • Daily breakfast and lunch (fresh & healthy food)
  • Fresh fruit, coffee, tea and water all day
  • 1 dinner in the city
  • Kick ass workshop ‘Personal branding’ given by a Passion for Work coach
  • Social media visibility of you and your business @ BOB
  • Canyoning initiation lesson, hiking with a guide in the area, outdoor overnight stay in the mountains (see below).
  • Extra optional leisure activities (surf lessons, kitesurf lessons, motorbike tours, canyoning,  …) can be booked additionally (not included in the price).


  • We love nature. Unplug yourself in nature with an outdoor ‘back to basic’ night overstay in the mountains.
  • Sometimes you need to disconnect entirely to let your creative thoughts take over and get inspired all over again.
  • Together with a certified hiking buddy we will arrange your trail, food and overnight stay in the wilderness.
  • Get some rest, talk to others and become inspired by the beautiful surroundings.
  • And last but not least: get your spot at the fire place!


What about the canyoning adventure?
This edition offers you the possibility to experience an amazing mountaineering sport: canyoning.

Co-founder Emma is a licenced canyon instructor. So she is more than happy to take you into the beautiful gorges for some real life aqua-fun! One initiation lesson of canyoning is included to teach you the basics. Safety is our prior number one! If you feel like jumping, gliding, rappelling, ….

Join Emma in the canyons in the ‘parques nacionales’.

All gear will be provided. No prior canyoning experience is necessary to join in the fun.



Any questions? Feel free to ask! Or just contact us on Facebook.