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Afife – Viana do Castelo region

Portugal - Afife

Why there?
  • Perfect (kite)surf spot for beginners and experts
  • Beautiful beach of Afife with chill-out bars
  • Excellent rock climbing area
  • Beautiful and breath taking canyons in the 'parques nacionales'
  • Lovely hikes along the lagoons of Serra De Arga
  • Safe roads for beautiful motorbike trips
  • Pittoresque & cosy old towns of Moledo and Braga
  • UNESCO world heritage places close by: Guimarães, Porto and Douro Valley
  • Nearby the city of Porto, a lively European city
  • Sunny weather
  • Relaxing & inspiring atmosphere
  • Stunning views on the Atlantic Ocean and over the coastlines of Portugal and Spain
  • Close to Spain for a hop-over to the cities of Tui or Vigo

A soft and mediterranean climate

what's the weather like?

Afife has a soft and mediterranean climate. In May we can count on temperatures around 21 degrees. Canyons will be filled with enough water, so we can have lots of fun during canyoning. Perfect weather conditions for work and fun!

How do I get to the house?

As soon as your application is completed, you will get an email with directions to the house. Just tell us whether you will drive, take a bus, take a train or hitchhike to BOB's Place. Since we like the outdoors so much, we will always be close but never really in a city, therefor renting a car would be appropriate. Or you can share a car with other BOB participants. We can provide you with cheap and reliable car rental information.

The closest airport is Porto. From there, it is a 1 hour drive to BOB's Place by car.

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Apply now...

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